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The Sword of Truth

by Balarama Ishaya    

In ancient Japan, one of the most honored yet intensely competitive craftsmen were the makers of Samurai Swords. A fine craftsman was not just technically skilled, but also had a deep spiritual background, as the sword served as an extension of the warrior's honor and spirit. History tells of a great competition to determine who was the master swordmaker in the land. The competition came down to two famous smiths, Muramasa and Masamune. Each maker's sword was able to perform all the required tests of sharpness and cutting with ease; so equal were these swords in raw cutting power a last test had to be devised.

Swords made by Muramasa and Masamune were held upright in a running stream; every dead leaf floating down the stream that drifted against Muramasa's sword was cut in two. The leaves approaching the blade of Masamune passed by either side uncut.

So who was deemed the better craftsman? Based on pure cutting ability one might think a sword able to cut leaves in two with just the slight power of the water's current. The true winner, however, was the sword that allowed the leaves to pass unharmed. It was said Masamunes's sword had spiritual discernment.

True compassion cuts in a similar fashion. It does not blindly cut simply because it can. True compassion sees the Ascendant floating in all things and clearly recognizes the perfect moment for action. The Ascendant is infinitely patient. It recognizes no need to push the river. From the standpoint of infinity there is infinite time. Only those who are truly ready and willing receive the most deft cuts. With this cutting, the ego-based self more quickly falls away, revealing the infinite, unbounded shining from within.

As Ishayas, we are dedicated to the mastery of compassion, the ability to weild the sword of unconditional love with wisdom, first on ourselves, then on those around us who are ready. If it is your desire to live this experience, let nothing stand in your way.


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